Why Your Slow Cookers Gets Hot On the Outside

Since it is one of the most significant pieces of kitchen cookware, a kitchen is said to be incomplete without a cooker. We both understand the value of a cooker and the variety of dishes it may prepare.

If you want your food to preserve all of its taste and nutrients, slow cooking is an art style. A slow cooker can be used to make a variety of delicious meals. Put it on the stovetop or induction plate, turn it on, or go outside, and it will be ready when you return. A slow cooker can be useful if you want to try slow cooking; it’s an appliance that you just put on the stove and forget about for 4 to 8 hours. Slow cooking requires discipline and patience, which can be difficult to come by.

Every appliance have their pros and cons so does a slow cooker and therefore there can be instances when your slow cooker might get very hot from the outside and this can be very dangerous to touch, you might be at risk of burning yourself and if you have children and pet at your home then you need to be extra careful. Today we are going to look at the reasons why your slow cooker gets hot from the outside and also look at the things you can do in such situations.

If you have a slow cooker then you must read this article carefully.

Is it normal for a slow cooker to get hot from outside?

A slow cooker has got a heating element installed on the sides and this helps the slow cooker to distribute heat evenly all over the surface. These elements are normally placed between the outer and inner casing.

When the high temperature is reached by a heating unit the exterior of the slow cooker is affected. A cooker has got the outer parts mostly made of metals and we all know metals are a good conductor of heat and therefore they get hot. So it is very much normal for a slow cooker to get hot from outside. This doesn’t mean one should burn their finger every time they touch it. You can try some of the things mentioned below when your slow cooker gets very hot.

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Why does a slow cooker get hot?

A heating system is mounted on the sides of a slow cooker, which lets the slow cooker spread heat equally over the soil. Normally, these materials are sandwiched between the outer and inner casings.

The exterior of the slow cooker is compromised as the high temperature is hit by a heating element. The exterior sections of a cooker are mainly made of metals, and as we all know, metals are excellent heat inductors and hence get heated. As a result, a slow cooker getting hot from the outside is completely natural. This isn’t to suggest that you can burn your finger every time you touch it. When your slow cooker is hot, you should use any of the suggestions below.

There are cookers made in the 1990s that don’t get hot from the outside but many newer modern models tend to get hot, the question that arises here is are they still safe to use?

How hot should a slow cooker get?

The temperature that the slow cooker reaches is known by doing a water test. This will help you to measure the temperature from inside when the cooking cycle is going on. You can do this test by following the mentioned steps.

  • Take the cooker and set it to cook on low for 5 hours
  • Measure the temperature of the cooker from inside.

Normally a cooker can reach a temperature around 200 degrees F. now this temperature can vary from company to company and you can ask your manufacturer for the perfect temperature range for your slow cooker.

A slow cooker getting very hot is normal and it can tend to happen a lot of times so you can tackle such situations by placing the slow cooker on something that can easily handle high heat.

Where to place your slow cooker and what should I place under it?

A slow cooker runs for longer cooking cycles for more than 6 hours and these cooking cycles can also be non monitored therefore one should take care of the surroundings in which the slow cooker is operating.

It is very important to be careful about the placement of the slow cooker and also about the things that you have placed near your slow cooker. Many people put their slow cookers on laminate countertops, next to plastic bottles, or other things not working well with heat. This in turn allowed countertops, bottles, or something to melt and fuse to the outside of the slow cooker.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have placed your slow cooker in the right and safe place. For this, you can also take help from the manual that is provided by the manufacturer. I have mentioned some of the things you can take care of while placing your cooker.

The cooking area

One should always make sure that there is plenty of space between your cooker and any other items that are around your slow cooker. This can prevent damages to those items.

The counter

It is normal for the base of the slow cooker to get very hot when the slow cooker is on a cooking cycle. When you expose your counter with such a heated base it can be a great risk of getting your counter damaged. You can place a heatproof tray under your cooker to prevent this.

The family

Family is the most important thing in the world and yes your family is also a part of the cookers surrounding and if you have got kids or pets at home then make sure that they stay away from the cooker.

Your hands

There is a risk of getting your hands burnt while touching a hot exterior of a slow cooker therefore you can buy a pair of silicone mitts and wear them if you want to hold your slow cooker.

You can also place your slow cooker on potholders, stovetop, baking sheet, and any other thing that is heatproof.

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Can a slow cooker heat your Kitchen?

There can be situations when your kitchen might be very much heated during the hot summer days. This can happen when there are few windows and very few winds. This is a very bad experience.

Regardless of how you prepare your dinner, heat must be involved. To a degree, this heat escapes from the microwave, casserole, sluggish burner, air fryer, or whatever. How well your kitchen is heated depends on the size of the space, the appliance, the temperature outside, and possibly a lot more. You might have thoughts that even an oven that is running for just one hour heats the place so why a slow cooker that has got a cycle of 8-10 hours won’t.

You are wrong here because a slow cooker runs at a very low temperature and therefore it doesn’t affect the temperature much.


A slow cooker can heat up from the outside and it is normal when it operates for a longer time. You can prevent the risks of burns by being careful. I have mentioned some of the things you can do if you want to prevent any mishaps.

I hope this article was helpful and informative.




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