Is Sous Vide Cooking Safe

Sous vide has been very popular in the culinary world and it has grabbed all the attention. It makes the cooking process easy and convenient for many people. It is a way of cooking followed by many people.

This technique provides you with exceptional results and taste. However, some doubts might pop up in the minds of people who tend to follow this technique. Is it safe to cook with the sous vide technique? This is a very commonly asked question and therefore getting the answer is very necessary. It’s human nature that fears the unknown and that’s why having proper knowledge of things you are doing becomes necessary otherwise thoughts can popup that can confuse you on what to do.

Sous-vide cooking concerns are usually one of three categories: plastic cooking safety, low-temperature cooking protection, and vacuum sealing safety. Today we are going to look at all three of them so that all the questions and doubts are cleared. If you are someone who gets engaged in sous vide cooking then you must read this article as it will be very helpful.

What is Sous vide cooking?

Sous vide is pronounced as sue-veed which means ‘under vacuum’ in french and it is a simple but very effective cooking technique that makes use of perfect and precise temperature so that restaurant-quality food results are achieved.

Many of the restaurants also use sous vide cooking techniques and that’s why this simply implies that you can rely on it. This technique has recently become very popular among households too due to the development of sous vide kitchen equipment. In this technique, the food is sealed in a vacuum bag then placed inside the water at a very precise temperature for cooking. It will provide you with the results that you won’t ever get with any other cooking techniques.

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This technique is very simple and can be done in three simple steps.

  1. The first thing is to take your cooker and attach it to a pot of water and after that set the temperature along with time.
  2. Now take a sealable bag and put your food inside and then clip this bag to the side of the pot.
  3. At the end finish the process by grilling, searing, or broiling the food as per your requirements.

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Is cooking food in a plastic bag safe?

There are concerns about cooking food using plastic and it is understandable. This is generally due to the low temperature used for sous vide cooking.

Inert polyethylene can be very safe and it doesn’t have any risk when it’s heated as there are no additives in it. Additives like BPA or phthalate that are very dangerous for food are not present in this which simply means if you use the right plastic bag then they can be very safe and you should have no fear in using them. I have mentioned the sous vide bags above and you can click to check the price and buy. They are safe for cooking.

Is it safe for food to cook at low temperatures?

When the food is held between the temperature range of 40 to 140 degrees F which is called the danger zone for more than two hours can be at risk of providing food-borne illness, says the USDA.

This illness is due to the growth of a bacteria known as pathogenic. If it is cooked under vacuum or by traditional methods does not matter. The buffer area of these numbers is much more reliable, so 130 degrees F is a more precise break. Dangerous bacteria cannot thrive above that temperature, and at about 135oF, within a few hours, most bacteria are killed, which enables pasteurization.

In sous vide cooking there is a precision control of temperature which means that the cooking is safer here when compared to traditional cooking. This is the reason why it is used in hospital food. If you have a sous vide circulator then you don’t have to worry as it will let you know if you are cooking in the danger zone.

Can we cook food under a vacuum? Is it safe?

Cooking food under a vacuum is possible so yes one can easily cook food under a vacuum.

Here there is a potential risk of getting anaerobic bacteria that survives and thrives when there is low oxygen. The main offender here is the species which is known as C. botulinum. Bacteria are responsible for the toxin-producing botulism of the disease. As long as you cook at a comfortable temperature, the problem is less cooking and more storage after cooking therefore taking care of the storage is necessary.

If you are not going to eat what’s cooked immediately then you need to take the basic precautions for sous vide cooking that you take when you cook it any other way. Here it is very important to make use of food-safe plastic. Make sure that the food is never in a danger zone else bacteria can be produced. Your immersion circulator will signal you if this happens. If you take these simple precautions then you will be able to enjoy the food cooked using the sous-vide technique.

Food safety and Sous Vide

  • When it comes to sous vide cooking it can be said that it is very much safe due to the precision and control over the temperature.
  • It is very necessary to cook food above 130 degrees F or 54.5 degrees celsius. This will reduce the risks of any kind of growth of bacteria.
  • If you intend to cook meat below this temperature then you can sear the meat before you put it inside the water as this will kill the surface bacteria.
  • Make sure to quickly chill the food in case you are thinking of keeping them inside the refrigerator.
  • Never sous vide raw garlic.


Sous vide is now a very widely used cooking technique as it can have precise control over the temperature. Many facts prove that cooking with sous vide technique is very safe if the necessary precautions are taken.

It provides you with exceptional results that you won’t get in any other kind of cooking techniques. There are certain concerns about using plastic bags in sous vide cooking however if you use the right bags they can be very safe. I have mentioned everything related to the precautions that are needed to be taken. I hope this article clears all your doubts and it is informative.


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