How much Electricity do Rice Cookers Consume

A kitchen without a cooker is considered incomplete since it is one of the most significant pieces of cookware in the building. We’re both mindful of the value of a kitchen appliance and the number of dishes that can be prepared for it.

Every home should have a rice cooker because it allows you to make perfectly cooked rice and other side dishes. Rice cookers are useful in a variety of situations. Many people who use rice cookers are curious about one thing: How much electricity does a rice cooker use and how much does it cost to run a rice cooker.

Everyone needs to know the estimated amount of electricity their appliances are using so that they get a rough estimation of the amount of money they have to pay as per usage. This will also help to know how to efficiently use the appliance and help you to save money. Without any doubt, rice cookers are very versatile and therefore they are also very useful.

Electric rice cookers are a lifesaver, as they allow you to measure, complete, press, and walk! For those who frequently cook rice. However, investing in an additional power supply could cause you to ask whether it will affect your energy bill or not.

Whenever we use an electrical appliance the first question that gets popped is how much will it usually cost to run this appliance. Today we are going to look at how much electricity does a rice cooker consume. We will also look at how to calculate it. If you have got a rice cooker then this article will be very helpful and you are at the very right place.

How much electricity does a Rice cooker consume?

A rice cooker is one of the most useful appliances inside every kitchen and therefore knowing the basics of it is very necessary. This post is going to provide you detailed knowledge of the electricity consumption of your rice cooker.

When we talk about a standard rice cooker it uses a very low amount of voltage and amperage. It tends to consume around 620-700 watts if you use it on a cook mode. When the cooking process of the rice is complete or when the rice is cooked it only uses 30-45 watts to keep warm settings. The electricity consumption of the rice cooker that you are using will certainly depend on the model and the size of your cooker. Different types of models have different electricity consumption and also the size is a great influence on this.

Rice cooker comparison with other electronic appliances

We all know that a rice cooker is a small appliance and it doesn’t require much electricity to operate. It uses a very low amount of electricity to run.

When compared to other electrical appliances like oven, refrigerator, or air conditioner its watt usage is significantly lower. Even after using a rice cooker almost every day and leaving it to cook for hours, its electricity consumption is still very less compared to other home appliances.

If you want to get an idea of the electricity consumption of appliances then here I have mentioned it in a rough percentage.

  • 47% or the energy is used by AC and heaters
  • Around 14% is used for water heating
  • 12% is used for lights
  • A refrigerator uses around 4% of electricity
  • An electrical oven uses around 3-4% of energy
  • A TV uses around 3% of electricity
  • 1% energy is used on a computer

A rice cooker is used every day but it still uses very little electricity that can be less than 1% and that’s why it is energy efficient.

How much will it cost you to run a rice cooker?

A rice cooker has an internal electric heater, there is also a thermostat and timing mechanism which uses around 650-700 watts while the cooking process is going on.

The wattage will change throughout the cooking process but the cooker tends to use the most amount of energy when the water inside starts to boil.

We can assume that a rice cooker uses around 627 watts during cooking which simply means 0.627 kWh. If we talk about the operational cost in this situation it is something around 13 hundredths of the one-cent which is $0.0013. Now the cost per hour here is $0.07. If you tend to keep your rice cooker on warm settings for around an hour after cooking then it’s only going to cost you around $0.14 per day.

If we calculate it will only cost you around $4-5 per month which is nothing compared to other appliances. A yearly estimation can be around $50 only if you run your rice cooker every day for the time I have mentioned. These figures can vary according to the amount of time you use your cooker. It also depends on which model you use and the size of your rice cooker.

How to calculate the cost of using a rice cooker?

Finding out the cost that you are going to incur to use an appliance will give you a rough estimation of your spendings. This is a good thing to practice as it will let you know how much you will have to pay.

If you want to know the cost of running your rice cooker and you are passionate about it then you can try purchasing a usage monitor which will surely assist you in finding out the exact amount of cost that you are going to receive for using your rice cooker. If you don’t want to spend on a usage monitor then you can also do it manually by using one simple formula.

You can use this formula for any appliance that works on electricity. All you are required to do at the very beginning is to find out how much you use your appliances per day which is the amount of time that your appliance works in a day.

If you tend to use your rice cooker every day and for half an hour for cooking rice and another half hour on warm settings then this means it will run on full power for 30 minutes and minimum power for another 30 minutes.

The second thing that you will have to do is the wattage of your rice cooker which can be easily found out on the user manual or the sticker of your rice cooker. If you are unable to find it out you can also search for it online. You can ask the manufacturer too.

The last thing that you are required to do is to find out how much you spend per kWh and this will be mentioned on the electricity bill.

Once you are ready with all the required things mentioned above you are ready to calculate the energy consumption of your rice cooker.

  1. You will have to calculate the daily energy consumption of your rice cooker and you can do that by wattage × daily run time. Once you get the answer you have to divide it by 1000.
  2. To calculate your yearly usage of a rice cooker you have to multiply the daily run time by the number of days the appliance was used.

Once you are done with this you will have to multiply your answer one with answer 2 and you will have the results.

Pros and cons of a rice cooker

Every appliance has a set of pros and cons and knowing them is very important. Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of a rice cooker.


  • A rice cooker will help you to quickly prepare your rice and it does that on its own. You just need to put the rice in and put the right amount of liquid, set the lid, and then turn it on and it will cook the rice for you.
  • Most of the models offer a keep warm setting which helps to keep the rice warm even after the cooking process is completed.
  • A rice cooker is very simple to clean. Many rice cookers have components that you can directly put inside a dishwasher.


  • In a rice cooker, you will have to stir the rice every two or three minutes or there is a chance that the bottom rice can burn. However, you won’t have to keep stirring again and again but there is a chance that the bottom of the rice can burn.
  • There is a non-stick coating which can also be a pro however you will have to be careful while taking the rice out and use specific utensils as you might scratch the surface.
  • Certain rice cookers at the entry-level are enabled when plugged into a recipient and turned off if disconnected. If you fail to delete it from the power source, the device remains on.

These advantages and disadvantages of rice cookers can be proactively managed. Be aware of them while shopping to ensure that you buy the right one to meet your needs.

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A rice cooker is a very useful appliance that will help you to prepare rice without any effort. You will have to just put the right amount of liquids.

It doesn’t use much electricity and runs efficiently. If you are worried about the energy consumption of a rice cooker then don’t be as it is energy efficient and uses very little energy compared to other appliances in your home. I hope this article was useful and relevant.


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