How Long Does It Take For a Deep Fryer To Heat Up

Deep fryers are one of the most popular modern-day appliances as they help us prepare some of the most celsius crunchy and crispy food items. Deep frying is an art and therefore if you have a deep fryer it will make things easier for you.

You would be able to enjoy the crisp and crunch along with the tasty flavor of well-made deep-fried food. Many people all around the world use deep fryers at home and I would be shocked if they say they cannot make tasty food using deep fryers. It is not even a surprise why many people are interested in buying deep fryers for their home and personal use.

Using a deep fryer is very easy but the most important thing that lies here is the waiting time for the deep fryer to heat up. Many people have no idea how much time a deep fryer needs to heat up. This is a very important thing to know as this will be a deciding factor on how your food is going to be prepared.

Today we are diving into the world of deep fryers and we are going to look at some of the most important parts regarding the time required for the deep fryers to heat and many other relatable factors. If you own a deep fryer then you must read this article carefully.

The time required by a Deep fryer to heat up

Deep fryers are very useful appliances but they are going to require some amount of time after you turn them on for usage. They require some time to get warm before you start making food and this waiting time can vary from models to models.

For prepping your deep fryer you need to give it some time for heating. Nowadays most of the models require between 7 to 30 minutes for heating. However, there are many larger and professional deep-fryers that require some more time that can be even more than 30 minutes.

How to find out how much time does your deep fryer require to heat up?

When it comes to heating your deep fryer it is going to be a different amount of time required for different models. Before placing the food inside the dryer or start cooking you need to when your deep fryer is ready for food prep.

The amount of time will depend on the type of deep fryer you are using. There are mainly two main types of fryers available in the market. The type of fryer that you have is the one that decides the type of frying it will do.

Immersion elements

In this, a heating element is present in the deep fryer that assists the fryer to heat faster. In many latest models, it is nothing but the heated conductor metal or it can also be a similar bowl that can provide heat to the bowl.

Non-immersion elements

There are no heating elements available in these types of fryers and there are no wires too.

Immersion Elements fryers

These are the ones that are going to save your time. If you have got an immersion element fryer then it is going to be helpful. These fryers have a short heating time compared to non-immersion fryers.

Here, too, there is a little variety. In general, it will not take more than 15 minutes to warm up for most immersion friers until your foodstuffs are fried. Said that you can always read the directions for finding the heating time that comes with your fryer. You are going to receive many varieties in immersion fryers themselves and different types of immersion elements fryers require different amounts of time to heat up. Oster home fryers will need around 7-10 minutes for heating however presto fryers might require 10-12 minutes.

Non-immersion elements fryers

If you have got a non-immersion element fryer then it can be something in which you need to have some patience as this is going to need some time before heating up for dipping the food in the fryer.

The time required for heating will depend on the size of the fryer and it can take around 30 minutes to heat up properly. Most of the fryers that are home-sized and for home use will take around 25-30 minutes. However, in the case of a turkey fryer, it is going to require at least 35 minutes before it heats up. The amount of oil used and the size of the fryer are some of the factors that influence the waiting time. You can take a look at the fryers’ time chart for adequate information.

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The temperature that you should set for your deep fryer

It is recommended that a deep fryer should be preheated to 375 degrees Fahrenheit. Although there can be other temperature settings for different types of fryers.

Things you can try for heating your deep fryer faster

There can be times that you are hungry and do not want to wait for long heating periods so you try out some tricks. However, it is recommended not to try anything and let the deep fryer take its time as it can be dangerous.

Using a different type of oils

Many people are aware of the fact that vegetable oil is best for deep fryers and some rumors using an oil that has got lower smoke temperature will help you to heat the fryer quickly.

That’s a bad idea, though. Anyway, a fire may start with the wrong oil kind, or at least significant smoke damage may occur. Don’t consider using strong fats or oils with low smoke!

Turning fryer to a higher heat

Many people think that if you turn up the heat in a deep fryer it will make it heat up faster and this can be true to some point.

However, this can cause the oil to not heat properly and it can be unevenly heated. This can also lead to some smoking issues. You should avoid this method too if you want no problems.

Safety tips to consider while using a deep fryer

  • Make sure that you do not add frozen food in a deep fryer, always ensure you thaw your food fully before you deep fry them.
  • Clean your frying basket thoroughly before using it. Only use a basket to remove the food once it is fried.
  • You need to keep in mind that larger objects must be fried for longer times. Unlike on advertisements, frying deep food is not always a moment. Most foods will be ready in 15 minutes, but bigger foods, such as turkeys, will take over 30 minutes to cook entirely.
  • Never use a deep fryer that is damaged or broken.
  • Always read your user manual before using a deep fryer.


The time required for a deep fryer to heat up generally lies between 7 to 30 minutes. However, this thing can vary from the type and size of your deep fryer. It can also take more than 30 minutes in some type of fryers.

I hope you find this article informative.


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