How To Handle Smoke Coming Out Of Your Air Fryer (How To Prevent Easily)

As a result of its success, the air fryer has seen a lot of growth in recent years. Although, as we all know, something positive breeds distrust in the end. Air fryers are excellent for frying without the use of oil or fat and making delicious foods.

An air fryer is one of the most useful appliances inside the kitchen and it can help you to make your favorite dishes without compromising your health as it uses very little oil to cook. It is an electrical appliance and all electrical appliances tend to face problems on some days. There are times when smoke starts coming out of your air fryer and you have no idea what to do in such a situation and why is smoke coming out. You do not have to worry as this post will tell you everything about this problem.

Consider the air fryer to be a miniature version of a traditional convection oven. An air fryer cooks food without the use of fat, instead of relying on hot air to crisp it up and improve the flavor. Air fryers not only help you prepare your food better, but they also cook it 25% quicker than a traditional oven. Instead of deep-frying your food, you just spray or add a little oil to it, ensuring that your wellbeing is not jeopardized.

One of the most daunting aspects of sustaining a healthy lifestyle is the food and fragrance of nutritious food. However, you do not need to be concerned with this problem because we have a solution. Today we are going to look at the issue that is faced by many people which is smoke coming out of an air fryer while cooking. We will look at the causes and also the ways to troubleshoot them. If you have an air fryer you must read this article carefully. It will help you a lot when similar situations are encountered.

Why is smoke coming out of your air fryer?

One of the main causes is the leftover grease residue that accumulated due to the past usage of an air fryer can be the reason why smoke is emitted from your air fryer. This residue tends to get overheated when the cooking process is ongoing.

This overheating of residue can result in releasing of smoke. You will find a similar type of situation when you are cooking fatty foods. While cooking fatty food the air fryer releases smoke and this can be prevented by just adding one tablespoon of water.

These are some of the most common causes for smoking of an air fryer but there are many others. I will try to cover some of them and also find the solution for that.

Your air fryers can be smoking due to fatty foods

Fatty foods are one of the most common reasons due to which smoke is emitted from an air fryer. There is an excessive amount of grease which gets accumulated at the bottom of your air fryer and when the temperature tends to rise it burns and releases white smoke.

Beware that various oils and fats have their special smoke points, if you want to apply oil to your cooking, the smoke point of an oil or fat shows how heat-heavy it might be until it begins to smoke. When you cook with an air fryer, this is very good to remember. One more thing to be kept in mind is that there are specific types of food items that have got its smoking point.

An air fryer works at 400 degrees F and therefore you should always use an oil that has a higher smoking point or the oil will burn and release smoke. Ensure that you have additional light olive oil and not virgin olive oil. Smoke is less than four hundred virgin olive oil while extra light olive oil is more than four hundred.

Although the fumes themselves may not kill the air fryer, it is very uncomfortable that you have an apartment full of smoke. That said, this is how it can be prevented.

Things you can try when smoke is coming out due to fatty foods

  1. You should turn off the air fryer
  2. After this, you have to remove the drawer and then detach the basket out from the drawer of your air fryer.
  3. Take a paper towel and start removing all the additional oil which is accumulated at the bottom of the drawer.
  4. After you have removed all the excess oil you will have to again put the basket inside the drawer and put the drawer back inside the air fryer.

This will make sure that there is no smoke coming out of the air fryer as all the excess oil has been removed. You can also try removing the basket from your air fryer and then add some amount of water below the basket. The water will not let the grease from getting too hot.

If your air fryer is not cooking fatty food and it is still releasing smoke then proper cleaning is needed and you need to clean the air fryer.

How to deep clean an air fryer?

Cleaning your air fryer is as simple as following the steps below. You’ll get decent results if you stick to them.

Things you will need

  • A sponge that is a non-abrasive or damp cloth
  • Dishwashing soap
  • Baking soda
  • Scrub brush (soft bristle)
  • Dry cloth


  1. To begin cleaning your air fryer, unplug it and let it cool for at least 30 minutes. Make sure all of the components are cool before beginning.
  2. You must now properly extract or disconnect the baskets and pans and wash them in wet, soapy water. If you’ve used some of these pieces for baking, soak them for at least 10 minutes in hot soapy water before scrubbing them. After 10 minutes, scrub them with a non-abrasive sponge. There could be some dishwasher-safe pieces that you can learn about by reading the manual and then put them in the dishwasher right away.
  3. To clean the inside, use a wet cloth or sponge and a small amount of dish soap. Wipe the soap with a wet cloth after you’ve finished cleaning.
  4. If there are some baked or rough stains on the primary appliance, make a paste of water and baking soda. Scrub the residue with a soft-bristle scrubbing brush and then wipe it out with a clean towel.
  5. Wipe off the exterior with a wet cloth, making sure to wipe out the soap with a clean, moist cloth.
  6. Before reassembling the detachable bits, make sure they’re completely dry.

Troubleshooting tips for a smoking air fryer

  • The first thing to make sure is that it is smoke or steam which is coming out from your air fryer, if steam is coming out then it is pretty normal during the cooking process but if it’s smoke then you must carry on reading.
  • If there is too much oil or grease present on the food while it’s been cooked at 360 degrees F or higher then this can splatter over the cooking element which is hot and then this grease or oil will burn resulting in the emission of smoke. If you are going to cook meat like bacon or chicken thighs then smoke is going to be there while cooking.
  • If you have got an air fryer that has dirty components then these will only make things worse. Your air fryer will start smoking and it can also get damaged. This will also affect the taste of your food. Keeping your air fryer clean is very important. I have mentioned how to clean your air fryer thoroughly, you can try cleaning it with a cloth after every usage.
  • Even if there is not much grease and oil but if you have overfilled the basket this will result in smoke emission.
  • It is not just grease at times, it can cause smoking even through food particles sparkling on the warm element. Is your diet battered? Has it been washed down enough? If not, the hot circulating air blows food particles, particularly dried bread, and that can burn and smoke. Brot crumbs around will certainly be a smoking problem.
  • A small air fryer can also be the reason if your air fryer is too small then you shouldn’t cook a lot of food in that try cooking food in small batches or smoke will be released.
  • Some recipes require very high temperatures and if you keep the temperature too high then smoke can be released so you can try cooking at low temperatures for longer periods.
  • Try air frying in a room that is well ventilated, if you are using it in a small kitchen then it can release smoke and even the slightest smoke can be a problem. Try cooking in a ventilated room.
  • You can try adding water at the bottom of the basket as this will not let the grease heat up.

Can an air fryer catch fire?

The possibilities are yes an air fryer can catch fire when proper care isn’t taken and it isn’t used in a way that it should be.

There are do’s and don’ts for every appliance that one needs to follow and if you fail to do so it can end up in a mishap. An air fryer is small but it can still cause fire and you should be worried about this if you have got children and pets at your place. If your air fryer is defective and has an electric failure, a fire can occur. If the air-freeze is overheating, it may be a fire threat but it should not be a fire-freezer that is used correctly.

It is useful to recall that in the same device we combine electronics with high heat. There is more than sufficient cause to still be careful. First, protection, second, delicious food.

How often should you clean your air fryer?

It doesn’t take much time to keep your air fryer clean, but if you don’t, the effects might be costly, so making sure it’s clean would be beneficial.

You should make it a routine to clean the parts of your air fryer after each use. You won’t have to ask yourself to scrub it afterward this way. Once you’ve finished cooking with it, you can clean it. Before extracting the pieces, make sure it’s completely fine. You should check the user manual before putting the pieces in the dishwasher to see whether they are dishwasher safe or not.

If you don’t have time to clean it for every use, you can clean it after a few uses. This will aid in the productive operation of your air fryer, resulting in crispy and crunchy food for you.

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There are instances where people encountered the emission of smoke from their air fryer and this is due to many reasons.

Grease, fatty foods, oil, dirty heating elements, dirty air fryer components, and many more reasons can be blamed. Your air fryer may also be faulty and in such case, you will have to repair or replace it. I hope this article covers everything you were looking for and it was informative and helpful.


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