Do You Have to Put Water in a Pressure Cooker

One of the most popular pieces of cookware in any kitchen is a pressure cooker. A pressure cooker can be used in nearly any home because it makes cooking a range of foods easy while still allowing food to be prepared quickly.

You can use a pressure cooker for doing a large variety of things inside your kitchen. It can be very helpful in preparing a lot of delicious dishes. If you are new to using a pressure cooker then it is going to be obvious that you might have a few doubts at the start but trust me it is very simple to use a pressure cooker and you will easily master the art. You just need to be careful while using a pressure cooker.

Questions like do I need to add water to a pressure cooker? Do I need to add it every time I use it? How much liquid is to be added to a pressure cooker? Questions like these are normal and today I am going to answer all of them. If you are new to pressure cooking you must read this article carefully as it will be very helpful.

What is pressure cooking?

Stated, pressure cooking is simply cooking food in an enclosed vessel with some sort of liquid. Many people like to pressure cook using pressure cookers.

Pressure cooking is an excellent way of cooking and it will help you save a lot of time and resources. Boiling some sort of liquid creates friction here.

Does the pressure cooker need water every time while using it?

A simple and short answer to this question is Yes. a pressure cooker will always need water or some kind of liquid like broth whenever you intend to use it.

This is simply because the liquid present inside the pressure cooker gets boiled and this helps in creating a pressure that in turn helps to cook your food items.

What amount of liquid is required to be added to the pressure cooker?

The amount of water that is required will certainly depend on the size of your pressure cooker. However, the type of recipe that you are trying to cook will also play a significant role. Below listed are the measurements based on the size of your pressure cooker.

  • If you have got a 3-quart pressure cooker then it will require at least 1 cup of water or other types of liquid to cook.
  • If you have a pot with a 6-quart capacity then you need to put at least 1 cup of water or other liquids.
  • For pressure cookers with a capacity of 8 quarts, you are going to need at least 2 cups of water or some other kind of liquid.

Most of the recipes that you are going to cook in a pressure cooker will mention the amount of water needed in measurements of cups. However, the size of the cooker may have a significant influence on the amount of water required. You will use less water in 2-quart cookers but will require more in 8 quarts one.

Why is water needed in pressure cooking?

Water is very important when it comes to pressure cooking. It serves the same purpose as traditional cooking techniques. In these methods, the water gets heated and it helps the food to cook.

When you imagine the pressure, it’s much more difficult, and it’s this complexity that makes pressure cooking a much more efficient way to prepare food. A pressure cooker generally tends to work by the steam getting trapped when the lid is on. This helps in increasing the temperature of liquid above the boiling point as this creates pressure inside the cooker. If the steam doesn’t get built and trapped there won’t be any pressure. Therefore water or some kind of liquid is a must while pressure cooking.

Besides, don’t use any fluid above the halfway point of your pressure cooker and no more than two-thirds of rice. Unless there is no space for the steam to build it, it cannot build pressure.

What happens when you overfill your pressure cooker?

It is very important to use water or some kind of liquid while cooking but it is equally important to add this liquid in the required quantity. Overfilling and underfilling will both have adverse effects on the results.

If you overfill your cooker with the liquid you are going to receive soggy rice or spoiled food items that are overboiled. So make sure you do not overfill your pressure cooker. A good rule that you can keep in mind is that make sure that you never fill it more than half. This is good enough for every recipe.

Dos and don’ts for using pressure cookers

Below listed are some of the dos and don’ts of using a pressure cooker.


  • Reading the instruction manual while using the pressure cooker is one of the most important things. This will give you an idea of how to use the pressure cooker in the best way. Every pressure cooker is different and that’s why you must read the manual to find out how your model works.
  • Whenever you use a pressure cooker make sure you add the right amount of liquid required. Never run it empty and never overfill or underfill it. The rule here is to add at least 1 cup of liquid whenever a pressure cooker is being used.
  • If you are a beginner in using a pressure cooker then always start with easy recipes, do not go for the experimentation and advance recipes. Once you get comfortable and know how it works then you can move further.
  • You can try making desserts or side dishes using a pressure cooker. If you have got a ceramic pot then you will be able to make a main dish and side dish at the same time.


  • The first thing is that you should never try opening the pressure cooker when it is cooking. However, it is impossible to open it keeping in mind the pressure inside but one must never even try to open it. If you want to open it while the food is booking, you are required to turn it off first and let the steam and pressure get released first, and then open it.
  • If you want delicious recipes make sure to follow the instructions and do not release the pressure before time as it can spoil the food and all your efforts.
  • Always make sure that you do not overfill the cooker as it can lead to spoiled and overcooked food.

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A pressure cooker can be the most used product inside your kitchen as it is very helpful. It is very necessary to follow some of the things while using it.

You have to add at least 1 cup of liquid while using a pressure cooker else it won’t work. Also, make sure you do not underfill or overfill it.


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