Air Fryer Vs Deep Fryer Calorie Comparison (Chart Included)

Fried food is the best when it comes to taste and crunch and there might not be a person who doesn’t like fried food. However, health is a concern that can restrict some people from eating such tasty food.

When we talk about fried food there is no other topic other than Air fryer v/s Deep fryer can pop in my mind. These are the two most popular means that can help you prepare some of the best-fried foods. However, there can be a competition between them in your brain. Many people ask the question based on Air fryer vs Deep fryer and which one is better and why?

There are air fryers that are getting very popular in the market that don’t use much oil but provide you with similar results as a deep fryer. There is going to be some difference and that is the main reason for the debate on which one is better among the both.

Today we are going to look at the topic Air Fryer Vs Deep Fryer and try to conclude with which one is better. We will also see the calorie comparison chart to find out how many calories do these appliances add.

Calorie comparison chart

Food items

Air fryer’s calories

Deep fryer’s calories

Chicken breast

163 calories per serving

247 calories per serving

French Fries

176 calories per serving

471 calories per serving


216 calories per serving

317 calories per serving

Onion rings

172 calories per serving

275 calories per serving


75 calories per serving

179 calories per serving

Jalapeno Poppers

104 calories per serving

356 calories per serving

Lean Fish

90 calories per serving

368 calories per serving

Chicken Wings

270 calories per serving

531 calories per serving

Mozzarella Sticks

48 calories per serving

315 calories per serving

Pork Chop

215 calories per serving

300 calories per serving

Chicken Nuggets

200 calories per serving

320 calories per serving

Tater Tots

50 calories per serving

219calories per serving


166 calories per serving

370 calories per serving

Looking at the chart it is visible that deep frying adds almost double the calorie count when compared to air fryer and if you are worried about your health and you are on a diet then it would be good to avoid food made using a deep fryer.

Adding oil will provide you with that taste and crunchiness but one thing to keep in mind is that it also adds up a lot of calories. You can achieve almost similar results using an air fryer.

Difference between an Air fryer and a Deep fryer

Below mentioned are the points that will help you to differentiate some of the major things between an air fryer and a deep fryer.

Oil use

It is obvious that deep-frying requires a lot of oil and air fryers use very little oil for preparing food. The air fryer uses the Maillard reaction which helps to provide the food with a unique taste.


When it’s about the price then Air fryers are much more expensive than deep fryers. Many brands provide some of the best air fryers. I have mentioned the links for some of them.


A deep fryer could only help you in deep fraying and on the other side, an Air fryer is capable of roasting, baking, frying, and even grilling.

Time required for cooking

The air fryer requires just 2-3 minutes but when it’s about the cooking time, most of the cooking cycle in an air fryer requires 20-30 minutes. However, a deep fryer is capable of frying food in a couple of minutes. An air fryer can be slow here but it is still faster than most of the other cooking techniques.


Here we are talking about the cooking capacity. There are a lot of size options for both air fryer and deep fryer but deep fryers are generally bigger than air fryers and air fryers require less storage space.

Which one is healthier? Air fryer or Deep fryer?

Comparison based on healthier options is difficult as it generally depends on the ingredients that you are going to use and the type of food items that you are going to prepare.

An air fryer doesn’t require much oil as it uses heat to prepare food while a deep fryer doesn’t have many options other than dipping the food inside the oil for preparing. Deep fryers are by name designed to fry food using oil and that is exactly what they are going to do. Some air fryer recipes will also require some amount of oil but it will still be very less.

Let’s look at some of the health benefits that air fryer offers while deep fryer doesn’t:

Fewer calories

No matter what you’re cooking, this is almost definitely real. Oil is very rich in calories, and the quantity of oil put into the food and crown when deep-freezing greatly raises the number of calories. In the air fryer, it doesn’t happen.

Restricted harmful compounds formation

Air fryers reduce the production of harmful compounds that can be very dangerous like acrylamide. It is capable of reducing this by up to 90% when compared to deep fryers.

Lesser fats

Less oil simply implies that fewer fats are used and there is less intake of fats. Research has demonstrated that a high intake of fat can be associated with cardiac illness and inflammatory disorders. If you go from a deep fryer to an air fryer your fat consumption would be reduced.

Does an air fryer make food crispy?

In recent years, air fryers have become increasingly popular. An air fryer works in the same way as a small convection oven. It’s a safer choice than deep-fat frying.

Unlike a normal oven, a convection oven has a second heating system that both produces and circulates heat. This reduces cooking time, enhances flavor, and ensures that the food is prepared uniformly. In an air fryer, the heating element is normally located on the inside of the hood, with a fan immediately above it.

This fan aids in the distribution of heat to the cooking surface, allowing it to cook more quickly than in a traditional oven. While an air fryer uses less oil, it still produces crispy results and guarantees even cooking. These devices are beneficial to your health and can be used to make chips or other fried foods. The Maillard effect is a chemical reaction that happens when some foods are prepared. While an air fryer uses so little gasoline, it still produces crispy and delicious food.

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Can you deep fry in an air fryer?

Air fryer circulates hot air and it uses hot air to prepare the food items you need. There is a heating element along with a fan that is present that helps to create and circulate the heat.

You should not typically do much for wet batters in an air fryer to enhance the crispiness. The fan splits the batter in the room, making a mess. Maybe a thick batter can be used otherwise. So the short answer to this question is no, you cannot deep fry using an air fryer.

Deep frying v/s Air frying (which is crispier?)

It is undeniably true that fried food has the highest flavor and crispiness, and nothing compares. It becomes very difficult to replicate the flavor of deep-fried food using an air fryer.

But one thing is certain: air fryers may produce food that is similar to that provided by conventional cooking. You’ll get a similar crust and crispiness, and foods fried in an air fryer are very nutritious.

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Air fryers can be a better option for those people who are worried about their diet and health. However, if you have an urge to try out crispy and tasty food then deep frying is also one of the best choices to make.

This is a very subjective thing that can differ from person to person as per their preference and one can not say which one is better. These preferences can also change from day to day as one might need air fried food due to its health benefits on one day and also need deep fried food due to its crispiness on another. I hope this article was useful and relevant to you.


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