I live in San Francisco, but I’m originally from the South and am an old school southern girl.

I grew up eating and cooking with my Grandmother and I’ve been on a quest to make everything she makes ever since.

When I’m not busy learning new things about food and drink I spend my time at home reading cookbooks and drinking wine.

The Balines Cooking blog brings you recipes from my own kitchen, plus the kitchens of those I know and love. It’s a place where you can find new ways to make your favorite dishes, and new ways to enjoy food with those you love.

A foodie at heart, I’ve always had a knack for cooking and baking. After my husband and I started our family, I discovered just how hard it was to keep up with feeding my growing brood. From recipes to meal planning to cooking with kids, I share practical tips for anyone looking to simplify their meals and eat healthier.

I love to cook, eat, and write about what I have found, and to share with my community of readers.

I’m passionate about helping people be healthier and happier through the foods they choose to eat, and also the ones they don’t.

The site has grown from being a one person blog to a much larger platform with daily recipes, healthy living and cooking tips, and more. It is focused on the whole food experience, and is based on research that shows us that when you are eating the whole food, and not just the food but also the food’s environment, you are far more likely to lose weight, look great, feel great, and just be a better you.

This blog is where I share my recipes and tips on cooking, baking, and entertaining.

If you are looking for a great place to get some inspiration, I am your girl!