Why Does My Oven Smell Like Burning Plastic

An oven is one of the best inventions of mankind and it helps you to prepare some of the best recipes that are loved by all.

An oven will help you to bake, cook, boil, make food items warm, and many more things. Pizza, cake, pastries, and many more delicious food items can be prepared using an oven. If you are thinking of buying an oven then this will be the best decision you are going to make and you will be able to enjoy some delicious recipes soon so go for it without a doubt.

However, for the people who own an oven and they are facing a problem that is a burning smell of plastic coming out of an oven and the cooked food while cooking the food then this post is going to tell you what’s wrong and how you will have to deal with it. This is a common problem that can occur due to several reasons and it can also take place in a brand new oven.

I know that the last thing anyone wants while enjoying their favorite food items is the rancid smell of plastic coming from it. This is going to spoil everything and therefore this post will help you prevent this.

Ovens are very useful appliances and they are pretty expensive too. One should make sure that they keep it clean and maintain it whenever needed. If you have an oven and if you are facing a problem of plastic smell coming out of it then you will have to read this article as it is going to solve many problems for you and also provide you with the things you’ll have to do to avoid such issues.

What Causes a New Oven To Smell Like Burning Plastic?

About the fact that my knowledge of the topic is founded on my own experiences, the experiences of others who contact me or with whom I work closely, reading forums, and engaging in groups, it’s best to get feedback directly from the source, who in this case is the creator.

This is what said:

The “insulation that fills the oven cavity emitting odors the first few times it is subjected to the full heat in the oven,” according to Samsung, is the primary and most significant source.

The Bosch home corporation claims that it has a chemical odor on its website. The majority of modern ovens arrive with a chemical odor. The first time the insulation around the oven cavity is subjected to intense temperatures, it produces a chemical odor. You must burn in your new oven to prevent the chemical odor.

Here’s another note from Kitchenaid about newly built ovens:

“Smoke and odors are typical, particularly if the range or oven was just mounted. Due to the manufacturing process, an odor or smoke can occur after just a few uses. This will pass, and it is completely normal.

I guess we should all agree that this is a fairly common issue with brand new kitchen appliances, but I believe they’re neglecting to address something else (I’m sure the specifics are in the user manual), namely that the zip-ties used to cover inserts during delivery must be removed before using the oven.

Otherwise, as these zip ties get wet, they start to smoke and emit an odor similar to the chemical coating.

This odor does not have to be associated with all newly built ovens; the same problem will occur when cooking in an older oven. You may be perplexed as to why it happened so quickly, but there is a reason.

If your oven begins to smell like a burning plastic, it may be attributed to one of the following factors:

  • When using harsh chemicals to wash the oven
  • If the oven is mechanical, it must be turned off and tested as soon as possible if it is malfunctioning.
  • You’re using a heat-sensitive accessory or one that was coated in oil during the manufacturing process and has to be burned in.
  • A faulty link The wire will heat up and burn as a result of this. Examine the locations where the heating unit and other connections are connected and secure them one by one.

How Do I Get Burning Plastic Smell Out of My Oven?

The stench of burnt plastic is, without a doubt, one of the most repulsive. Aside from the stench, it spreads quickly and can comfortably fill a building. It’s impossible to avoid because it’s not every other scent you’ll come across daily.

You may feel like you’re being stabbed in the gut through the nose. You may

The last thing on everyone’s mind is to get rid of the odor as soon as possible. You may have to replicate this procedure many times before the odor fades. Some many methods and procedures vary based on whether the oven is brand new or has been used extensively since the odor appeared.

Old ovens must be thoroughly washed, while fresh ovens must be burnt in.

How to avoid the burning chemical smell from your new oven?

Below mentioned are some of the things that you’ll have to do if you want to get rid of that annoying plastic or chemical smell from your new oven.

  1. When the new oven is out of the box you will quickly need to remove any kind of zip or ties or any other plastic components that are present during the transit period.
  2. Now take a cloth and after the plastic parts or zips are removed you will have to wipe the inside of your oven including all the racks using cloth, soap and water.
  3. Now you are ready to use your new oven but before that, you’ll have to turn on the fan and allow ventilation in the room.
  4. Plugin the oven and let it heat somewhere between 400-550 degrees F.
  5. When the oven reaches this temperature you will have to let it run for 30-60 minutes.
  6. Keep repeating this process until you notice that the burning chemical smell is almost gone or faded.
  7. After this is done, let the oven come back to the normal temperature and then again wipe it by using a cloth along with warm water and soap.

One more thing that you can try doing is the use of lemons. This is optional but effective. If you have got lemons at home then squeeze them and gather the juice into a dish that is oven safe and place the dish inside the oven at 230 degrees F for 30 minutes. This will make sure that your new oven will not smell bad for a very long time.

If you don’t have a new oven and you have already used your oven hundreds of times which simply means all the chemicals that are already burned off a very long time ago and still the rancid smell is coming then what can you do?

This is a type of thing that can vary from model to model, in such situations you can try contacting a professional or customer support number they will help you to find the solution.

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Is it dangerous that a plastic smell is coming out from a new oven?

Few things are needed to be clarified or the answer here will depend on several things so it can be a yes-no situation.

Burning plastic smell isn’t good for humans and inhaling the fumes can be very dangerous but the fact here is the smell that is coming out from the new oven might not be burning plastic. These can be the protective chemicals that are burning and not plastic. The fumes that you are smelling aren’t plastic and therefore it is not dangerous, however, if it’s plastic then it can be dangerous.

You can try looking at the user manual and that will mention the strange burning smell coming from a new oven. The burning plastic-like smell is pretty common in new ovens and you won’t have to worry about that. This smell can come even after using it 2-3 times.

If the fumes that you are sensing are produced by the burning plastic then this can be a point of concern. Below are some of the substances that burning plastic releases which can be dangerous.

  • Heavy metals
  • Sulfur dioxide
  • Furans
  • Carbon monoxide
  • Hydrochloric acid
  • Dioxins

The smell of burning plastic can be really dangerous and it can damage or irritate your lungs. If you have got birds at home then this can be lethal to them and it is suggested to keep them far away from this smell.

I would recommend fixing this smelling issue as soon as possible. These fumes carry dangerous substances and should be removed as soon as possible. When the plastic smell of coming from your oven you should quickly open up all the ventilation in your room.

For how much time should a new oven smell?

As we saw in this article above, a new oven tends to release some smell that can be misunderstood as plastic burning smell but they are protective chemicals.

This smell tends to be there for the starting two or three uses but after that, it usually fades away. There can be chances where it can last longer before it’s completely gone. If this smell stays for a very long time even after using your oven more than 15-20 times then this can be a problem with your oven and you should quickly contact customer support or ask for help from a professional.

This can be the real plastic that is burning which can be lethal to birds and this can also be dangerous to your lungs and body as it releases harmful toxins. You should allow proper air circulation when this smell is noticed from your oven and let all the smell go out from the room.


An oven is one of the most used appliances inside a kitchen and no wonder why it is gaining so much popularity in recent days, it helps you to prepare some of the most delicious dishes.

If you have recently bought a new oven and you are sensing a rancid plastic smell from it when you use it then this can be the protective chemicals that are burning and this smell will usually fade away after few uses but if it doesn’t then you will have to find out what’s the issue and what smell it is actually. You can try contacting customer support for this.

If you have an old oven and you are facing a plastic burning issue then I have mentioned some of the things you can do and the reasons why such a thing is happening. You should try to fix this issue as soon as possible as it can be really dangerous. I hope this article was useful and informative.




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