Is Sous Vide Worth It How Expensive Is It

Sous vide has exploded in popularity in the culinary world, capturing everyone’s interest. For many people, it makes cooking simple and comfortable. Most people try this method of cooking.

This technique gives you excellent performance and flavor. However, certain questions can arise in the minds of those who practice this technique. Is it safe to use the sous vide method for cooking? Since this is an often asked question, knowing the solution is important. Human nature is fearful of the unexpected, which is why getting a thorough understanding of what you’re doing is important. Otherwise, thoughts may arise that will leave you unsure of what to do.

The results that you are going to get by sous vide cooking will be exceptional but still, some people are skeptical about sous vide cooking. Questions like is sous vide cooking worth it? And is it expensive? How expensive it is are common and today I am going to try to answer all of them. We will look at things like is plastic bag safe and look at some of the benefits that sous vide cooking offers. This post will also cover the cost that needs to be incurred for sous vide cooking.

I hope all of these things solve the doubts arising in your mind about sous vide cooking.

What is Sous vide cooking?

Sous vide is a basic but efficient cooking technique that uses ideal and accurate temperature to produce restaurant-quality food results. It is pronounced sue-veed and means "under vacuum" in French.

Many restaurants often employ sous vide preparation methods, so this means that you can rely on them. Due to the advancement of sous vide kitchen appliances, this technique has recently become very common among households. The food is enclosed in a vacuum bag before being put inside a water bath at a specific temperature for cooking. It will give you results that you won’t be able to achieve with any other cooking method.

This technique is very straightforward and can be completed in three easy steps.

  1. The first step is to connect your cooker to a pot of water, then set the temperature and time.
  2. Take a sealable bag and place your food inside before clipping it to the pot’s edge.
  3. Finish the process by grilling, searing, or broiling the food according to your preferences.

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Benefits of Sous Vide cooking

Sous vide is one of the best cooking methods invented in modern time, it will eliminate all the guesswork that is the sense of touch, smell and taste that you are required to do in traditional cooking.

It will guarantee you the perfect results every time if you make sure to follow everything properly.

It is simple

This is one of the simplest and easiest methods of cooking, you are not required to stir anything, baste or simmer anything.

All that you are required to do is place your food inside the bag and put it in the water and make sure that the bag is perfectly sealed. All you need is a little knowledge about cooking and you will excel in sous vide cooking. There is no room for extra knowledge here. Set the right cooking time and correct temperature and wait for it to get ready.

It is precise

There are some food items that you will need to be precise about while cooking sous vide like steak, lamb, and fishes. These food items are at risk of getting overcooked so knowing the precise time and temperature is a necessity.

The water bath temperature and cooking time are highly accurate when using the vide-cooking process, leaving no room for error and therefore ruining the dish.

Enhanced flavors

The best thing about sous vide cooking is that you are going to receive the best taste when the food items are cooked.

This is because when food gets locked with its juices the juices get back to the food items and this helps to increase the flavor of your dish and enhances its taste. If you add some herbs and spices you are going to end up enjoying a rich and tasty meal.

Nutritious food

Sous vide helps to retain all the nutrition from the food. While cooking with the sous vides technique you will never lose the fats, vitamins, or any kind of antioxidants.

This is due to low-temperature cooking and this helps you to get nutritious food. So, if you want to get up your food nutrition and the consumption of vitamins, it is a better way to prepare.

Defrosting is not needed

If you are cooking with the sous vide method then you will not need to defrost your food. It might require some longer cooking durations but will not harm the food as it will go straight inside the water bath.

You can cook a lot of food

If you have got a sous vide machine then you will be able to cook for a lot of people at the same time. It is quite doable to cook for 4-6 people. You can season different bags according to your preferences.

You can also prepare desserts

You can also prepare desserts with sous vide, especially those that require setting time, they work well with sous vide. Items like custard, yogurt, and many more.

Is Sous Vide expensive?

If we talk about some years ago then yes sous vide cooking would have cost you a lot. You would have got a water bath, circulator, and vacuum bag sealer for around $1000 to $2000.

This got better due to more and more restaurants started using the sous vide technique. Now the tools that are required for sous vide cooking are quite affordable. The cost depends on whether you buy a water bath directly alongside a vacuum sealer and immersion circulator or whether you just use your pots and clamps for the immersion circuit and refrain from the vacuum sealer.

Nowadays if you want a water bath or oven, you are looking at about 300-500 dollars, a circulator is about 70-200 dollars and the vacuum sealer is between 40-50 dollars. and 50 dollars US.

When we look at the current scenario you are just paying half of what you might have to pay just a few years ago. It is quite affordable now!

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Is cooking food in a plastic bag safe? Is it worth it?

Understandably, people are concerned about cooking with plastic. This is because sous vide cooking is done at a low temperature.

Since it has no toxins, inert polyethylene is very stable and poses no danger when heated. Food-friendly additives such as BPA and phthalate are not found in these, which ensures that if you have the right plastic container, they will be very safe and you can have no reservations about using them. The sous vide bags are listed above, and you can click to see the price and purchase them. They can be used in the kitchen.

Sous vide is safe and you can also use alternatives for plastic if you do not want to use or get engaged with plastic. It provides you with a restaurant-like taste and it also comes at a very low price. It retrieves all the nutritions from the food and that’s why it is worth cooking in sous vide technique.

Can you cook Sous Vide without plastic?

Yes, you can prepare sous vide even though you don’t have a vacuum-sealed bag to keep your food sealed. Many people use plastic bags and it is one of the most effective ways to keep water and ingredients apart.

Instead of using plastic bags, you should use a canning pan. Cooking certain foods, such as eggs, would not necessitate the use of tubes. Glass pots are used by some cooks, while Pyrex casserole dishes are used by others. The most critical aspect of sous vide cooking is that the food is prepared underwater and at the proper temperature. The use of plastic is not needed.

Is it safe for food to cook at low temperatures?

According to the USDA, food kept between the temperature range of 40 to 140 degrees F, known as the danger zone, for more than two hours is at risk of causing food-borne illness.

This disease is caused by the proliferation of pathogenic bacteria. It makes no difference whether it is baked in a vacuum or with conventional methods. These numbers have a much larger buffer field, so 130 degrees F is a more accurate split. Dangerous bacteria cannot survive above that temperature, and most bacteria are destroyed within a few hours at about 135oF, allowing pasteurization.

When opposed to conventional cooking, sous vide cooking allows for precise temperature control, which ensures the cooking is safer. It’s for this reason that it’s used in hospital food. You won’t have to wonder if you have a sous vide circulator and it will warn you if you’re cooking in the danger zone.


Sous vide is one of the best cooking techniques and it is the simplest one too. It used to be expensive a few years ago but due to a large amount of usage by restaurants and households now it is much more affordable.

Sous vide cooking technique provides you with exceptional results in terms of taste, flavors, and nutrients. If you want your food items to have a restaurant-like taste then cooking with sous vide is worth trying.


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