How To Open a Stuck Pressure Cooker Lid

One of the most popular pieces of cookware in any kitchen is a pressure cooker. A pressure cooker can be used in nearly any home because it makes cooking a variety of foods easy while still allowing food to be cooked easily.

You will be able to find a pressure cooker in almost every household and they are used regularly and therefore there are chances that some type of minor problems can be faced while using them. These types of problems can be easily fixed. You might have faced a situation in which the lid of your pressure cooker might have stuck and you won’t be able to open it. If you are wondering what is to be done in such a situation then you don’t have to worry because I am going to provide you with a quick and easy solution.

In such situations you just need to have patience and first of all, find out the exact cause, is your pressure cookers lid actually stuck or the cooker is just pressurized which is not letting it get opened.

Although most of us are aware that a pressure cooker has to release pressure before the lid is opened, a person who first understands this does not. The first option is a normal release and is achieved by allowing the pressure cooker to release pressure after you have finished cooking. Pressure can be released in two ways, For this alternative, the ventilating button should still be "sealed."

Today we are going to look at some of the easy steps that you can follow if your pressure cooker’s lid is stuck. If you have got a pressure cooker in your kitchen then this article will be very useful for you.

How to open a jammed pressure cooker lid?

Even if you have turned off the heat there might be still pressure inside the cooker that won’t get released on its own. The traditional way the cooker uses to release the pressure in this issue and you need to find another way.

Step 1

Take the pressure cooker and place it back on the heat source. You need to again heat it until you notice that the gauge has reached zero that helps in releasing the vacuum present inside the pressure cooker.

Step 2

Now take out the pressure cooker from the heat source and put it inside the sink. Open the tap and let the cool water run over the lid and make sure that the vents don’t get blocked due to the water.

Step 3

The next thing to be done is to press the center of the lid firmly and turn it at the same time while breaking the seal.

Step 4

Now take a mallet made of rubber and start tapping around the rim of the pressure cooker, do this very firmly and lightly. This will just help to release the vacuum that is stuck inside the appliance.

Step 5

Now turn the lid and press it down firmly and try removing the lid again. When you reheat, cool and tap the lid this will just break the vacuum and release the lid.

If the float valve isn’t dropped

There is one metal pin present also known as a float valve on the top of the pressure cooker’s lid. It tends to rise whenever the pressure is increased and drops whenever the cooker gets depressurized. If this pin is up you won’t be able to open the cooker.

There are great chances where the float valve which indicates the amount of pressure that is present inside the pressure cooker itself is jammed. This will certainly restrict the lid from coming out.

If you have already waited for a long time and you are sure that the pressure is already released still the float valve is up then you must only use this method.

  1. Take any object which isn’t sharp and tap the float valve and it will drop.
  2. Open the cooker

There might be chances that the food item that you recently cooked can be stuck on the float valve. Make sure that you clean the cooker before using it again.

If the silicone ring is stuck

There are chances where the silicone ring might get stuck to the lid. This silicone ring is present around the rim of the pressure cooker and also gets in contact with all the food items you cook. This just makes the ring very dirty and sticky.

If the float valve isn’t the problem then there are great chances that the ring might have got stuck with the lid. All you need to do in such a situation is

  1. Slowly turn the ring in a back and forth movement as this will help to release the sticky ring and the lid.
  2. You need to wash and clean the lid

One thing that you need to keep in mind is that Before you start rotating the lid back and forth, make sure the float valve drops. A pressurized cooker you don’t want to pull open. A cooker under pressure is almost impossible to release, but I strongly advise not to try.

After how much time should you open your pressure cooker?

If your pressure cooker isn’t jammed then it would only take around 20 minutes to release the pressure inside your cooker. This time might fluctuate and it generally depends on:

The venting switch makes the difference here. It has got two options in which the pressure gets released that is natural release and quick release.

In a natural release, the cooker sits ideally and releases the pressure. The pressure is completely released when the float valve comes down. This method may take time and it can vary between 5-30 minutes easily.

In a quick release, the venting valve that is present in a cooker is switched from the seal and tuned to open or venting as this will just help in releasing the pressure quickly and directly. You need to be really careful while using quick release as the steam is very hot. This method doesn’t take much time and releases pressure in a few minutes.


The above-mentioned are some of the easiest ways in which you can open your pressure cooker in case the lid is stuck. You need to follow them but also make sure you take necessary precautions while doing so.

I hope this article is useful and relevant.


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