How Many Calories Does Deep Frying Add

There are some of the best and the tastiest food items and then comes food items that are deep fried. Nothing can beat the taste, crunchiness, and the feel of the food items that are made using the deep frying method.

We all know that these foods aren’t very great for health however we face a dilemma here. We love french fries and we also love fried chicken even after knowing the risks that we are taking by eating this food item. We tend to enjoy them.

Today we are going to look at the number of calories that deep frying adds and also some of the other risks of eating deep-fried food. If you are a deep-fried food lover then this article is just like a warning for you and this is going to be very helpful for your health. Knowing what we are consuming and what it is going to do is a really necessary ad, therefore, you must read this article carefully.

What is Deep Frying?

Deep frying is a cooking method that involves immersing food in hot cooking oil at temperatures ranging from 350°F to 375°F. When food is immersed in oil, the food’s surface cooks immediately, creating a membrane that stops the oil from entering.

The moisture in the food turns into steam, which heats the food from the inside out. The oil is also kept out of the food by the steam produced from the food. This is why, when you deep-fried food at a low temperature, the oil seeps into the food and causes it to get greasy. Deep frying, on the other hand, at a high temperature allows the product to dry out and the fat to oxidize.

When foods are deep-fried in oil, fat is consumed and water is lost. This adds a large number of calories to the calculation. Fat accounts for 75% of the calories in these foods, according to one study. As a result, cooked foods contain more calories and fat than non-fried foods.

Consider the following example:

Baked cod (fillet) contains 0.8 grams of fat and 105 calories per 100 grams.

Deep-fried fish contains 12 grams of fat and 232 calories per 100 grams.

Take a look at the second example:

A small baked potato contains 0 grams of fat and 93 calories in 100 grams.

French fries have 17 grams of fat and 319 calories per 100 grams.

Fried cod has a small edge over baked salmon in terms of calories. The baked potato has less than three times the amount of calories as French fries.

Deep Frying Vs Normal Frying

Most of you are probably wondering whether shallow frying in a pan is better or somewhat healthier than deep-frying, especially in terms of calories. The solution to this question is a little confusing, but once you find it out, you’ll be happily surprised.

This is the most precise way to calculate the number of calories added by the oil used to fry foods. You’ll also be able to distinguish between the two types of frying methods and the differences between them. The complex food science of frying foods makes it impossible to determine the number of calories added to the fried food. According to the majority of surveys, whether deep frying or regular frying, the expected percentage of calories from fat is fifty to seventy-five percent.

Since normal frying does not take as much oil as deep-frying, it can add fewer calories to the meal. The traditional frying process adds about 120 calories per tablespoon of frying oil used. Now you can accurately measure the amount of oil consumed by the food vs the amount of oil remaining in the pan. It all depends on how much fat is absorbed and how greasy or sticky the food is after it has been fried.

Food that has been baked or pan-fried tastes fantastic. The food science behind frying provides a crispy exterior and tender interior due to the unique and complicated chemistry that happens while frying.

Calorie comparison chart

Here is a chart that will explain how many calories are added when you deep fry your food items.

Food items

Air frying calories

Deep frying calories

Chicken breast

163 calories per serving

247 calories per serving

French Fries

176 calories per serving

471 calories per serving


216 calories per serving

317 calories per serving

Onion rings

172 calories per serving

275 calories per serving


75 calories per serving

179 calories per serving

Jalapeno Poppers

104 calories per serving

356 calories per serving

Lean Fish

90 calories per serving

368 calories per serving

Chicken Wings

270 calories per serving

531 calories per serving

Mozzarella Sticks

48 calories per serving

315 calories per serving

Pork Chop

215 calories per serving

300 calories per serving

Chicken Nuggets

200 calories per serving

320 calories per serving

Tater Tots

50 calories per serving

219calories per serving


166 calories per serving

370 calories per serving

When comparing deep frying to air frying, it is obvious that deep-frying adds almost twice the calorie count, so if you are concerned about your health or are on a diet, you should stop eating deep-fried food.

Using oil will give you the flavor and crunch, but bear in mind that it will also add a lot of calories to your diet. Using an air fryer, you will get nearly identical effects. You can go with an air fryer as it doesn’t use much oil which simply means fewer calories and less fat. Air-fried foods are healthy and they are the best alternative for deep-fried foods.

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What of the deep-frying oils?

The counts of calories used in deep-frying oils contain:



1 tablespoon of peanut oil


1 tablespoon of corn oil


1 tablespoon of soybean oil


1 tablespoon of canola oil


Other risks of Deep frying

Other than calorie count there are other potential risks of eating deep-fried food. You must read this before eating deep-fried food again.

High in trans fat

Deep-fried food contains a high amount of trans fat which can be very dangerous for the human body.

Trans fats are produced through the industrial process which is known as hydrogenation. Fats get hydrogenated using hydrogen gas. Trans fat is very dangerous and can lead to diabetes, obesity, and cancer.

Fried food can lead to many types of diseases

If you regularly eat deep-fried food you can increase the risk of getting many diseases. It can lead to diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart problems, and type 2 diabetes.

It can also increase the risk of blood pressure getting high. It can also affect cholesterol levels. It can cause type 2 diabetes. Studies have shown that in fried foods trans fats can be used to contribute to obesity. In fact, such not-so-good fats can influence fat storage and appetite-modulating hormones.


Deep-fried food is without any doubt some of the best foods and they have the best taste and crunchiness however they come with a lot of calories and along with that they also are linked with many health-related issues.

Deep-fried foods can be very unhealthy for your body and therefore one should try avoiding them. If you ever feel like eating fried food you can try air frying. Depending on the amount of food you eat and the sort of food you deep fry, deep frying will add a significant number of calories to your daily consumption.

The air fryer is a safe and safer alternative to deep-frying. Even if the flavor and appearance of food cooked in an air fryer are not identical to that of a deep fryer, it can still yield impressive results.


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