Can You Use Pressure Cookers on Glass Top Stoves

A pressure cooker may be used for a wide range of uses in the kitchen. It can be extremely useful in the preparation of a variety of delectable dishes.

If you are new to using a pressure cooker, it is understandable that you will have some reservations at first, but believe me when I say that using a pressure cooker is an easy procedure that you can quickly learn. What you have to do is exercise caution while using a pressure cooker. Many people might have glass top stoves and they might be wondering if it is okay to use a pressure cooker on them or not.

A glass top stove is made up of glass and therefore one cannot put too much weight on it. As we know that pressure cookers heat up a lot and they also tend to be heavy so there is a concern about breaking the stove. Questions and doubts like Can we use a pressure cooker on glass top stoves are normal.

Today I am going to talk about glass top stoves and we will look at the question of whether a pressure cooker can be placed on a glass top stove or not. We will also see how much weight can be added to glass top stoves. We will also look at how one can use a pressure cooker on a glass stovetop. If you are new to using a pressure cooker then you must read this article as it will be very helpful later on.

What is pressure cooking?

Simply put, pressure cooking is the process of cooking food in a sealed vessel with a liquid. Many people like using pressure cookers to prepare meals.

Pressure cooking is a fantastic way to cook and can save you a lot of time and money. Here, friction is produced by boiling a liquid.

What are glass top stoves? How are they different?

Before going deep into the details we must look at the basics. Glass top stoves were invented in the 21st century. It has a very attractive design and that is what made it very popular.

More impressively, the top of the glass stove works as well as it seems. These stoves are considered polycrystalline glass materials. The main feature and the best thing about the glass to stoves are that they do not produce flames. There are metal coils that are below the glass that heats up using the electricity and then transfers the heat to the glass.

Like all furnaces, glass tops often feature characteristics that enable the consumer to regulate the produced temperature. The only downside, because glass is a weak heat driver, it takes time to adapt to changes as well. The suppliers started and stopped the spools and heating agents to work through this. That is, heat doesn’t flow through the bobbins. Glass top gas stoves are easy to clean after the cooking process is completed you can easily wipe them using a cloth.

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How can we Use Your Pressure Cooker on a Glass Stove Top?

  • It is really important to make sure that all the pre cooking is done by you before time using a regular pot on your stove. Pre Cooking includes sautéing vegetables or browning up the meat.
  • After all the pre-cooking work is done you have to let the stove cool down and if needed clean it. Now you have to place your pressure cooker on the glass top stove and then fill it with liquid. Use an appropriate amount of liquid that is needed by the recipe and also place the food inside.
  • Place the lid and lock it adequately. You have to lock the lid by placing it in a proper position or you need to lock it using a switch. You can check the user manual for this.
  • It is now time to set the pressure release valve to close. This will help to create pressure inside the cooker. It will open so that the pressure is released whenever needed.
  • Set the heat on high, low, or medium ad per your recipe requirements. If you see that steam is coming out of the vents that your pressure cooker has then you have done everything perfectly. Do not worry if there’s a little amount of condensation seen.
  • If you see that the pressure indicator has popped then you are required to reduce the heat. You will need to determine the right heat settings by adjusting them repeatedly. One thing to keep in mind is that the heat gets reduced quickly with a glass top stove and therefore it can quickly reduce from high to low and you need to be in between.
  • You have to keep an eye on the cooker. If the pressure indicator drops there isn’t a sufficient amount of heat. If the pressure indicator starts to whistle or sputter then the amount of heat is high.
  • You must try releasing the pressure using the right method based on the type of pressure cooker you have. You can normally let the steam release for 15-20 minutes which is the safest way.
  • Once the pressure indicator drops. You can open the cooker after that.
  • Check your lid if there’s no pressure built or there is no steam coming out from the vents during the pressure building period.
  • For doing this you need to get the pot aside from the heat and open up the lid away from you so that it gets reset.

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How much weight can you put on the glass stovetop?

If you are thinking of putting a lot of weight on your glass stovetop then it might be the right thing that you are going to do as it can cause cracking and this cannot be fixed then you will have to replace the entire stove which will cost you a lot.

It is very important to take care that you do not add a lot of weight to your glass top stove. Avoid using heavy objects as they can cause cracking and break the glass. If there is excess weight on your glass top stove top for a long time it can also weaken the glass and also keep in mind that one should not drag any heavy object over the stove as it can result in scratches.

Many top ceramic glass furnaces can stand roughly 45 to 50 pounds. That is why you can find more tips for hot plates or propane burners for people who plan to put their glass top stoves on canned products. In the segment below, we will discuss this.


Glass top stoves are extremely attractive but when it comes to durability they are one step behind other stoves. You need to take care of them.

You can use a pressure cooker on a glass top stove, however, one should always monitor the process and make sure that there aren’t any heavy objects placed on the glass top stoves as it can cause damages to the glass. Glass is also not a good conductor of heat and therefore excess heat can also cause damages. I hope you find this article informative.


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