Can You Deep Fry in A Pressure Cooker

Pressure cookers are one of the most important cookware inside every kitchen. You will be able to find a pressure cooker in almost every household as it makes cooking a lot of food items easier and also helps to cook food quickly.

You can quickly and easily prepare a lot of delicious dishes using a slow cooker however if you ever wondered, can we use a pressure cooker for deep frying? If you have then you aren’t the only one thinking in this way. If you have ever wondered this then you must read this article as it will be very helpful.

Today we are going to learn about pressure frying and also answer the question that is can you deep dry using a pressure cooker.

What is pressure cooking?

Pressure cooking is nothing but simply cooking food using some kind of liquid but inside a sealed vessel. A lot of people tend to use pressure cookers for pressure cooking.

Pressure cooking is a very good method of cooking as it can help you to save a lot of your time and saves a lot of energy. The pressure here is created by boiling any kind of liquid.

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Is deep-frying possible using a pressure cooker?

Many people have high expectations for pressure cookers as they think that pressure cookers are capable of doing anything when it comes to cooking. If you have ever wondered that you can deep fry using a pressure cooker then the answer is NO.

This is a sad thing but pressure cookers aren’t made for the process of deep-frying and if you ever try deep-frying anything using a pressure cooker then you are only going to damage your cooker and your meal will be destroyed. However, one good news here is that you can still use a pressure cooker to sauté in oil. You need to keep in mind that you should never deep-fry.

How does a pressure cooker work?

Pressure cookers’ main function is to create pressure using any kind of liquid at the level that the food gets cooked. They cook using water or broth by boiling it and sealing the container.

One of the main reasons why deep-frying is not possible using a pressure cooker is that deep-frying requires oil as cooking methods instead of water or broth. Boil water at a temperature of 212°F / 100°C. The oil should be heated to 350 to 375°F/177-191°C while frying in the deep frying. The temperature of most cookers only reaches around 248°F / 120°C with the added pressure inside the cooker.

Along with the temperature problem, you also cannot fill your pressure cooker with a lot of oil as required for deep frying because this can damage your cooker and also cause injuries to you as well.

What is pressure frying?

Colonel Harland Sanders invented the term pressure frying in 1940. A pressure fryer is an upgraded pressure cooker that helps in generating high temperatures compared to pressure cookers.

The process is similar to pressure frying however it uses oil for hating up. The food gets added inside the oil and submerged. After this, you need to close the lid properly and then the pressure tends to increase inside the container.

Pressure frying is a very useful technique and it also saves a lot of time. It is better compared to deep fryers. In pressure frying, there is a very less amount of moisture generated, and also the pressure that gets built up inside the container helps to break down the collagen quickly. In pressure frying the oil doesn’t get contaminated so you can reuse it many times.

In pressure frying, the inner temperature of the chicken can be 250 F, although the normal frying process permits just 215 F indoors. The truth is that the products’ seals are not built to resist the incredibly high temperature of the oil is why you cannot use the pressure cooker for deep frying.

Can we use Pressure cookers as Pressure fryers?

As you now know what pressure frying is and how beneficial it is you might have started thinking about can I use my pressure cooker as a pressure fryer? Perhaps you can use your pressure cooker as air fryers in case you have got the required models.

Here are some of the best pressure cookers you can use for air frying

If you have got a regular pressure cooker without any special accessories that can be used for air frying then sadly the answer here is No.

This is generally because a pressure cooker isn’t able to reach that high temperature that is required to boil oil. The temperature range of the pressure cooker is around 120 degrees celsius. The temperature that is required for oil to get boiled is around 177 degrees celsius.

Pressure frying is almost similar to pressure cooking but one main thing is the equipment that is used for carrying out both of these processes are different and you cannot just get an alternative.

Dos and don’ts for using pressure cookers

Below listed are some of the dos and don’ts of using a pressure cooker.


  • Reading the instruction manual when using the pressure cooker is one of the most critical aspects. This will give you an understanding of how to make the most of your pressure cooker. Every pressure cooker is special, which is why you should read the manual to learn how to use yours.
  • When using a pressure cooker, make sure you have the correct volume of liquid. It should never be run dry, and it should never be overfilled or underfilled. When using a pressure cooker, the general rule is to add at least 1 cup of liquid.
  • If you’re new to using a pressure cooker, stick to basic recipes and stop playing with more complex recipes. You can progress after you’re familiar with it and understand how it works.
  • You should use a pressure cooker to make desserts or side dishes. If you have a ceramic pot, you can cook both the main course and a side dish at the same time.


  • The first thing to consider is that you can never open a pressure cooker when it is still cooking. However, given the pressure inside, opening it is difficult, and one should never attempt to do so. If you wish to open it while the food is cooking, you must first turn it off to allow the steam and pressure to escape before opening it.
  • If you want tasty meals, make sure you follow the guidelines and don’t let go of the pressure too much, as this will ruin the food and all your hard work.
  • Always be careful not to overfill the cooker, as this can result in spoiled or overcooked food.
  • Don’t give up if you can’t figure out how to use a pressure cooker; keep trying. After one or two unpleasant encounters, never give up.


The pressure cooker can be extremely versatile for carrying out a lot of things but when it comes to deep-frying, it’s a big No.


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